Basement Bash Vol. XVIII with Drahla + Dream Boogie + La Laguna Band

Basement Bash Drahla

If you think that Easter weekend will be boring as hell, we will proove you wrong. This Saturday at Basement Bash, UK headliner Drahla will get you in the right mood for the easter egg hunt on Sunday morning. Promise! Also don’t miss out to check out the promising support bands La Laguna Band from Germany and Dream Boogie from Sweden. This time the party will happen at Urban Spree.

Basement Bash presents headliner Drahla (UK)

The Post-Punk trio from UK will take you to the dark side of Art-Rock. But don’t be scared, their live performance is amazing and word has spread over the time that this band is a must see, especially live. Spotify, whether you like it or not, seems to work very well for the band. Over 200 K plays overall are the best example of the bands potential.

Support by Dream Boogie and La Laguna Band

Dream Boogie and La Laguna Band will lighten up your mood before it gets rather dark with Drahla. The Garage-Punk infused style of Dream Boogie is combined with a light-hearted vibe that will make you dance. Nice old school vibes included.

La Laguna Band is heading in the same direction with their sunny, groovy tunes. So far, the band is still a bit under the radar and it’s hard to find music online. But we are sure this will change soon. To get an idea of what they have to offer, head over to their Facebook page and check out their live videos.

Win 1×2 tickets on the guest list of Basement Bash Vol. XVIII with Drahla + La Laguna Band and Dream Boogie

Come and dance with us on Saturday, April 20th! You can save the date on Facebook. Doors open: 8 pm.

To get on the guest list for the show, here are the following terms and conditions:
1. Like our page on Facebook.
2. Comment on our post on Facebook and tag the person you would like to take to the concert.

The closing date for the raffle is Saturday, April 20th, 2019, at 12 pm. The winners will be announced in the comments section of our Facebook post. The legal recourse is excluded.

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